Frequently Asked Questions

Incubation Center is a holistic ecosystem for startups for their growth and development towards a successful and independent venture. The Center houses the startups, provides guidance and mentoring, and a list of benefits at a point, thereby helping them to grow.  You can fine more details about our Incubation Center at

Yes, the center is supported and recognized 

  1. NIDHI TBI by Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India
  2. Department of Training & Technical Education, Govt. of NCT of Delhi
  3. TIDE 2.0 Center, Ministry of Electronics & IT, Govt. of India

The Incubation Center provides :

1. Incubation – For registered companies willing to physically work at the Incubation Center.

2. Virtual Incubation – For registered companies & not requiring office space at the Incubation Center.

3. Pre-Incubation (Precube) – For groups/team/individuals having an idea but not registered as a company.

Please refer to the Incubation Policy for details.

The various benefits are: 

  1. Technology mentorship & advisory from domain experts from IIIT Delhi
  2. Access to the latest Design Innovation lab & Research labs
  3. Co-working facility located centrally in IIIT Delhi campus
  4. Safe secure location in an academic ecosystem
  5. High-end technology infrastructure and facilities
  6. Availability of student interns
  7. Support for marketing & outreach
  8. Business mentors and investors connect
  9. Seed Funding support
  10. Access to various expert sessions, seminars, events, etc.
  11. Other association benefits from IIIT Delhi
  1. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  2. Data Science & Big Data
  3. Image Processing & Computer Vision
  4. Mobile Computing & IoT
  5. Human-Computer Interaction & Design
  6. Wireless Technologies
  7. Cyber Security
  8. Computational Biology
  9. Digital Humanities & Social Science
  10. Robotics and Drone Technology

No. The startups do not need to pay any fees to apply for incubation.

The incubation is offered for a period of 24 months initially which can be extended for another 12 months at the sole discretion of IIITD-IC.

You can approach the Incubation Center for mentoring and feedback.

Yes, you can also convert your research into a startup.

Yes you can start a startup company along with your academics. But IIITD Innovation & Incubation Center would not be responsible for performance in your academics while your are working on your startup.

The formation of the Company depends completely on you.  It is advisable not to form a Company only on the basis of a mere idea. However, we advise requesting an appointment with us to discuss your idea.

Yes, we can connect you with our impaneled Consultant, who can guide you about Company formation in detail. The Incubation Center may also provide you monetary support for the Company Registration Fees based on the discretion of IIITD Innovation & Incubation Center.

Yes, Incubation Center is open for external startups as well, provided they fulfill eligibility conditions.

Please refer to the Incubation Policy for more details.

We have a Precube Programme (Pre-incubation Programme) for early-stage innovators having an idea that can be converted into a startup. Overtime the startup may be offered incubation. If the startup is already a registered entity, we can incubate it based on our terms & conditions.

It depends on your requirements and provisions within the Incubation Center. You will get a waiver of 25% in Incubation fees. Faculty/staff must have 50% or more stakes in the startup to be designated as a Faculty startup.

The startups have to pay an Incubation Service Charge for availing the services by Incubation Center. Please refer to the Incubation Policy for charges.

No. We do not offer any loan to startups but we do have funding support options for startups.

Incubation Center has provisions for Seed Funding based on its terms. You can refer the Incubation Policy

Also, the Center can connect you with appropriate agencies where you can pitch your idea for financial support.

Submit your application online at: 

Your application would be screened and then you will be called for presentation in infront of the Evaluation Committee. And based on the decision of the Committee you will be offered incubation at IIITD Innovation & Incubation Center.

You have to provide details of your startup, a growth plan, business model, and purpose to be the part of the Incubation Center.

Please refer to the Incubation Policy for the requirements.

The startup must have a Private Limited Company registered in India at the time of incubation at the Center. Proprietorship is not allowed. However, Limited Liability Partnerships may be considered, based on the discretion of IIITD Innovation & Incubation Center.

Yes, the Incubation Center provides funding support to startups as Seed Investment & Entrepreneur-in-Residence(EiR)

Please refer to the Incubation Policy for detials.

  1. The Startup should be incubated at IIITD Innovation & Incubation Center for atleast three months.
  2. The Startup should be a Pvt. Ltd. company

For more details please refer the Incubation Policy.

Apply online for our funding. We fund startups all around the year. Visit

Startups by students of IIIT Delhi have 50% and alumni of IIIT Delhi have a 25% discount in Incubation charges. For alumni, we have an Alumni Fellowship Program. Details about Alumni Fellowship program in the Incubation Policy.

Any other benefits/facilities are based on the requirements and subject to availability of the Incubation Center.

Incubation Center has a Design Innovation Lab equipped with the high-end latest hardware and software. There are other labs in IIIT Delhi, we can facilitate their access too.

To leverage the Incubation Center facilities & benefits you have to incubate. In such cases, you can discuss the matter with the Incubation Center. There is an option of Virtual Incubation, however, benefits are very limited.

Please refer to the Incubation Policy for details.

Yes you can get student interns from IIIT Delhi based on the Placement Policy of IIIT Delhi

When you are applying for Seed Funding, a detailed business plan and financial will be required.

Yes, you can apply to avail other benefits.

Incubation Center is not only meant for providing funding. Financial support is one of the benefits.

No, we are open to any startup in our thrust areas.