Drone Innovation Lab

Introduction to Drone Innovation Lab (DIL):

With support from Delhi State Industrial and Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd. (DSIIDC), IIITD-IC has set up a dedicated facility within the Center to support more start-ups in the drone sector. DIL is a state-of-the-art facility dedicated to fostering innovation and research in the dynamic field of drone technology. With a commitment to inclusivity and collaboration, DIL provides a platform for aspiring individuals and research groups to explore, experiment, and excel in the world of drone development, research, and training.


The new lab creates an exciting work environment for the community of drone start-ups. It provides relevant and modern tools and resources to help start-ups build drones indigenously. These include advanced 3D printers offering unmatched precision and enabling the use of custom material; multipurpose desktop CNC machines to fabricate customized parts; integrated PCB milling machines for designing and developing indigenous flight controllers; spectrum analyzer and digital storage oscilloscope (DSO), high-end cameras, etc. The dedicated space has the equipment and work-seat capacity for 16 persons.

Sr. No.List of Items 
2Racing   Drone
3Agricultural Drone
4Agricultural Drone Large
5Accessories  for Agriculture Drone
6Medium Size drone
7Large drone
8Remote-12 channel
9Small RC Remote
11Battery strap
126S Lipo Dual Charger
13Thermal Camera
17Gimble 3 axis
18Smart Tweezers ESR-meter Digital Multimeter
19Digital Multimeter
20Highend GPU  workstations
21Pellet 3D prinetr
22Ultimaker 3D printer
24Power supply
25Digital ossciloscope
273D Scanner
28LCR meter
29Soldering Station Advance
30Power tools , handtools, dremel 

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